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The Grand Re-Opening of Hippicious Jewels

Greetings my Dear Friends!

        As you can see, we have taken a huge leap of faith this year to make the big move from Etsy to our own Website!  EEEK!  We have grown so much and loved every second of our Etsy experience and still plan to use it in an as of yet undetermined fashion.  However, we really wanted to professionalize the business in the New Year and create our own little space in the world.  We have grown to encompass so many different products and styles and we felt that our variety was getting lost and not being properly presented on Etsy.  Our hope is that our new home will allow us to grow as a business and most importantly to showcase our products clearly and in a more organized and shopable fashion. We really hope that you like what we have done and feel very comfortable shopping here. We can send you email notifications now, I can use my journalism background to write blog posts, we can update the shop more often as it is so much easier to make a listing here than on Etsy, and all in all we can truly grow together in our new little sacred space!  There are always platforms that just feel right...like when I first logged on to Instagram I just loved it immediately...how clean and uncluttered it was...how smooth and stylish, how clean and precise.  This is how I feel about this new space.  It just feels right and it feels like a platform and a style that I can truly keep up with and be very passionate about.  There may be some bumps in the road as we release our home here...perhaps there will be some glitches or shipping miscalculations, but we will be here to resolve anything and everything and make this just the coziest and comfiest little hiding space for us in this big wide world. 


So here is to a Marvelous 2017 in our New and Improved Hippicious Jewels Dwelling!  We thank and love you, and hope to grow even closely in this year!



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  • @Beautytrek

    Congrats on this new achievement. The site looks great.

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