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What It Means to be...HIPPICIOUS

What does this Silly Word Mean?

The Word Hippicious is a hybrid of two different words:  Hippy and Ambition.  According to my little point of view, to be HIPPICIOUS is to ambitiously pursue all things that are hippy, bohemian, and loving towards nature and humanity as a whole.  It is an earthy, whimsical, connected, and empowering word that empowers us to utilize our growth as individuals for the utmost good of our planet and our fellow humanity.  To be Hippicious one is:

Earthy & Constantly in Search of What this World has to Offer

Gutsy, Bold, and Courageous while at the same time Humble, Kind, and Compassionate

Barefoot and Wandering, Connected, and Focused on Making The World a Better, More Loving Place

Passionate and Full of Grace, With a Spark of Fire and an Endless Ember of Glowing Happiness

Faithful to Universal Love and Compassion, Finding hope even in the Deepest Sorrows and Most Painful Struggles

Forever Looking to Nature for Healing, Balance, Restoration, and Deeper Guidance

Breathing Deeply, Devoted to a path of Personal Awakening and Fullfillment

Dedicated to the Loving Care and Detailed Attention of the Self, Loved Ones, and our Planet


 And truly the list goes on and on and we shall certainly talk more and expand upon our Shop Names Meaning in the Future!  And Please, please, please, what do you think Hippicious Means?  And how would you describe it in your own words? 



All the best, and Endless Love and Light,


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