Whats the Deal with 108?

When I first started making Malas, I will be completely honest...I felt completely trapped by the number 108.  Of course, a traditional Mala Bead, that is sacred and true to its spiritual purpose is 108 Beads, but the rebellious little side of me, who likes variety, change, playing, and being free, felt put in the corner by this random number.  Fast forward to now, and I looove this number.  Absolutely am Smitten by it!  Because truly it encompasses so many things!  This divine number shows up geographically, cosmically, spiritually, scientifically, astrologically, mathematically, and textually in many of our sacred readings.  Let me rattle off some of the things that make this number just BRILLANT...

1.  The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth.  The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun.  Freaky huh?

2.  There are said to be 108 lies, 108 delusions, and 108 earthy desires that humans have and need to conquer before reaching Enlightenment.  Check them off my Friends! :)

3.  Some say there are 108 paths to God.

4.  The Sacred River Ganga spans a longitude of 12 degrees and a latitude of 9 Degrees.  12 times 9 is 108!  Even Geography teases us with this number!

5. There is believed to be 108 feelings with 36 being related to the present, 36 to the past, and 36 to the future.  36 + 36 + 36 = 108

6.  The Angle formed be 2 adjacent lines in a Pentagon equals 108 degrees. 

7.  In Pranayama practice, if one is so calm in Mediation as to have only 108 breaths, then enlightenment with come!

8.  9 times 12.  Both the numbers 9 and 12 are said to have deep spiritual significance in many traditons.  9 times 12 is 108.  Also 1 plus 8 is 9, and from that 9 combined with 12 we get good ole 108. 


As you can see, this just in not your Average Number, and truly it Embodies the wholeness and perfection of our entire being and our entire existence.  It is the numerical "key" that unlocks so many secrets and embedded truths about our souls, our planet, our Earth, our sky, our Moon, and our very presence within this World.  Of course, I feel just so foolish now that I was so against this number and felt so inhibited by it, when in reality it was the path and is the Guide to everything!  So my friends, embrace this number and see if it pops up anywhere unexpectedly in your day to day life!  It's energy is lurking everywhere and might catch you when you least expect!



Cheers to 108,


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