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Ruby Fushsite Crystal Healing Pendant...Wrapped in Rose Gold

Ruby Fushsite Crystal Healing Pendant...Wrapped in Rose Gold

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Rose Gold Wire Wrapped Ruby Fushite Pendant. This is a Mini Palm Stone and it has a beautiful and sweet faded kind of energy to it!  It is quite flat so it is practically weightless to wear and it has such sweet, subtle, and gentle bright hues! This piece in particular has Lots of Ruby in it, making it very unique and special!


****Please Note...as of right now, we are having a very hard time finding Rose Gold Chain that is good quality but also that will not break your bank.  Within the next few weeks, we hope to have some, but as of now, Rose Gold are the only Pendants that Will not come on a complimenting Chain, and instead we invite you to choose between Silver and Gold Chain.****


Ruby in Fuchsite merges the qualities of Ruby and Fuchsite for the perfect Heart Stone. Ruby Fuchsite will help to clear any blockage of the Heart Chakra and fill the void with positive, loving energies. Ruby Fuchsite helps one to maintain an awareness of individuality, while also completely connecting with humanity as a whole. Use Ruby Fuchsite for transforming destructive, negative energies into positive, helpful ones.


All Pendants will be shipped on a complimentary, matching metal chain, 20 inches long.  If you prefer a longer chain, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and request a different length upon purchasing.  Please do not shower or get your pendant wet...this is your precious little daily companion, designed to give you comfort, protection, and love all day long as you go about your day to day life and responsibilities.  Each piece is handcrafted slowly, taking about an hour to complete (sometimes more, if I am not happy with the design and how the twirls are going).  These pieces are crafted to enhance your life, perhaps you need protection one day, love the next, patience another day.  They are fun to collect and awakening to have upon your person as you face your day to day circumstances.  They allow you to focus and channel certain energies that you either need to work on, wish to attain, or need to get rid of.  They are one of my favorite things to create...as I like the length of time I get to spend with the stone I am wrapping, and also like the challenge to honor all of its beauty by how I create lines and security around its magical being.