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The Noble and Royal Yellow Long Style Supremely Bohemian Macrame Necklace

The Noble and Royal Yellow Long Style Supremely Bohemian Macrame Necklace

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Long Style Bohemian Macrame Necklace with Red Turtle Jasper, Yellow Mookaite, Tigers Eye, Garnet, Citrine, Brecciated Jasper, Ocean Jasper, and a Bold Yellow Silk Tassel.  What the heck?  Did I make this with the whole Crystal Kitchen Sink?  Well yes I surely did! And truly this piece is so full of Queenly Elegance and Radiance, it has such a Glowing, Dignified, Joyous, and Noble Energy to it!  Full of both Wisdom and a Youthful Spirit.  Citrine is the stone of Joy, Happiness, Success, and Prosperity.  Tigers Eye and Garnet are stones of Great Strength and Fortitude.  Mookaite promotes an Ageless Spirit and awakens your childish energies to constantly explore and be in AWE at life!  Jaspers are the "Supreme nurturers" giving one constant care, support, affection, and companionship.  This piece sparkles and glows yet is bolstered with amazing Strength, Tenacity, and Vitality!


This piece measures 24 inches long and will rest at your belly button.


Macrame :).  Oh Macrame.  A dance with knots, a test of patience, a long winded art form, a beautiful journey with ones hands, an anicent tradition and beautiful expression left to us from cultures past.  I have really enjoyed exploring the world of Knots and cord and it gives me great joy to find yet another home and wearable storage place for crystal healing and the worlds beautiful variety of stones.  These pieces can take up to and sometimes over 3 hours long.  Quite Truly it is a workout but a beautiful process. I use Linhasita Cord from Brazil and it is just wonderfully durable and even Waterproof, although I highly highly suggest not getting these pieces wet or showering with them.  They are lightweight and just really unique and very special pieces of adornment to wear.  They have a sacred energy to them that is a testament to the process it takes to make one and the safe and cuddly way that these knots wrap and protect the stones that they hold.