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The Phoebe Mala:  Goddess of Radiance...Featuring Silkwood, Grey Moonstone, and Pink Aventurine

The Phoebe Mala: Goddess of Radiance...Featuring Silkwood, Grey Moonstone, and Pink Aventurine

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Peachy Pink.  Reflective and Sensual.  Inner Shine.  Radiant.  Natural and Glamorous.  Fit for a Queen.


This is a 108 Bead Mala with a Teardrop Peachy Pink Jade Gold Pendant with Silkwood, Grey/Creamy Moonstone, Cherry Quartzite, and Matte Pink Aventurine.  This Mala is dedicated to and in the spirit of Phoebe, The Greek Titan Goddess of Brightness and Radiance.  Above all, she used her prophecy, intuition, and self knowledge to literally shine the light of the heavens out into the world.  I love the peachy pink details in this piece and the way they interact with the soft Aventurine and shiny Silkwood.  Moonstone is our tangible connection to the magic of the moon and is foremost a talisman for the inward journey deep with ourselves.  Pink Aventurine imparts a wonderful sense of well-being. Most people find this stone to be very calming that can help clear the way for an understanding of alternatives in one's life, removing any feelings of being trapped in a certain circumstance.  This piece is a beautiful dance of gold, peach, earthy wood, and soft textured pink and is truly just fit for a soul who infuses her surroundings with her inner light. 



  As a general Rule of Thumb, Malas are long pieces of jewelry, and will surely rest at least to your belly button and possibly a bit longer.  I do include a fuller description of all the stone meanings for your purchase with the shipping of it. So you know exactly what kind of MAGIC you are wearing!



Mala Beads :).  Wear them, hang them, meditate with them, hold them, express through them, treasure them, and use them as a tool for your own personal growth and balance.  In my experience, the most beautiful thing about Mala beads is that they truly feel like an extention of your divine self, giving you reassurance, security, confidence, and connection to all that rests inside of you.  Watch some you tube videos if you are interested in meditating with yours, as it really is a beautiful way to grow and use a sacred tool to inspire your inward journey.  Or just wear it and feel like you are being supported and comforted all day long as you face your daily grind.